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Congradulations to BlueFlame!

TatAD would like to congratulate Troy Ocean for being chosen as the latest TatAD promoter for Click here for pictures and forum discussion.

TatAD hits Stuff Magazine!

Make sure you run out and pick up a copy of Stuff Magazine or visit the Stuff Magazine website at: as is featured in the October 2005 issue!

Jab Jab Uppercut

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TatAD has just signed a deal with Rock The Vote for a cross Canada Rock/Media tour. TatAD will soon be tattooing your favorite Rock Stars with TatADís.

TatAD Opens Office
in Toronto! is now in partnership with to head up the east coast of Canada. Contact Zeke Zaviar: TatAD Toronto Office: 1-416-767-9108

How To: Heat Up Her Halloween Outfit

Tempt your taste buds with 2005's finalist photo shoot trailer. Lounge members sign on now to peep the winner!

Skateboard Game

So you think youíre a radical skateboarder? Try SK8, TatAdís new skateboard game!

Snowboard Game

Are you a trick raving lunatic on a snowboard? Show us what youíve got in TatADís FrostBite game!


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