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Please take the time to tell us about yourself with as much detail as possible when filling out our profile forms. For the best results give us a picture allowing the companies to see what you look like and what your personality is like.

Tell us everything you feel comfortable with! Things like where do you spend your free time? What goals have you set for your future? What is your current career?

It makes sense when you think about it, the companies will want to ensure you have the same interests as their customers so you can talk about their company with your friends. This, in turn, will generate word of mouth advertising and that is the entire reason for the company to tattoo their logo on you.

Keep this in mind! When naming your price, if you feel that your body is worth a lot to wear a corporate tattoo around then donít hesitate to ask for some real money!'s going to be there for a long time so make sure it's worth it! You can think of it as real estate, the more desired exposure areas will cost more!

Think of it as if it was a job interview or even a modeling agency of sorts and you will have better results. This is going to be what the companies will see so please take the time to make it great!

Make sure that you upload a picture as well. The chances of being selected without a picture are virtually zero.

Follow our sign up process by hitting the Register button below and we will help you get your profile up as soon as possible so you can be viewed by one of our participating sponsors!


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